Friday, November 19, 2010

the whole reason to cross allen street is gone by letson williams

back then
back when there was still a reason to cross allen street.
back before berlin
back when she was red bone,
 from buffalo
when she was high yellow

when it was "if you're not a staylow, then you gotta go home.
 and that means you too jared leto"

back then
one night
one little night
i heard a man
one man
a book man
the man from the book store
he was stammering and stomping like he was coming straight outta compton
spitting and bloodletting

the first word came first
it came right on the first stomp
it exploded
he said participatory
yeah, he said participatory
and then he said it again
and again and again
until it rocked with an uneven, white boy rhythm that took it's cue from when the stomp came down
and that alone

he said it again and again
"participatory participatory participatory
"participatory" "participatory" "participatory"
"democracy" "democracy"  "democracy"

yeah, yeah, yeah

he said
"participatory" "participatory"
"democracy" "democracy"
"participatory" "participatory"
"democracy" "democracy"
then some of us started saying it
then more of us started saying it
then it was back and forth,

the man said

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