Thursday, November 18, 2010

i am by john cuttito

I am nothing I am everything
Times gone inconsequential again
A tragic reaction to my inaction
Proportionally contrary to my reality
And my own duality
Coming to a head again
Lost in moons flow
Fading in the rivers glow
Perpetual cycle of my unquiet youth
I repeat the beat path I tread again
Deep suede night
And I against the current
As usual, somewhat drifting
Bouncing along the shore a stone
I am worn smooth dragged
By tides pull This day
Has sought new reasons
To insist upon the
Distances I keep
Darkness calls and still I sleep.
This is just a fraction of my dissatisfaction
A ritual catastrophe of perpetual
Motion pulling me in different directions
With symmetrical concentration
Salvation is the eviction of conviction in
Convention as is
Resistance to this existence of pretension
I feel so small sometimes
A depiction of some higher authors’ imagination
Playing my part while never knowing the lines
I am a cameo appearance relative to
The time span of the universe
I am nothing, and everything
What song then should my soul sing
Words of the river
Words of night
Give me back the sight I lost
When I flew too near the sun
Ate from the tree
Opened a box I should not have
And found myself stripped of connection with divinity
Once we were all gods
By some strange trick we were lulled to sleep
And now we dream the lives of mortals
Who dream the lives of gods as they slumber
I am

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