Sunday, January 9, 2011

truth by letson williams

there’s only one way in
and there is    no       way         back
another                         feelie
this here?
this is the firmness of attack
and this room is
of the type                                                                you can see it in their eyes

you don’t want to know

everybody was looking for the double crosser
everybody was

i didn’t bother

i knew it was you                                    and i knew what to do

i’ll tell you the truth

i will tell you the truth
there is not one reason to lie
when i get through                                                            i‘ll be dissatisfied
but                        there is now no going back
and    certainly                                     no standing in place
no make believe       no more pretty face

don’t know which way to go?
there’s just a meanness
so I gotta keep on                                                                                       gotta keep on
gotta keep     on

it’s quite clear how one thing led to the other
this will go down
as                                    just
another    “toughen you up”
another      “run for the coast”
another          “hand me your cup”
another                         fffffucking ghost

well, i’m gonna kill that ghost
no matter which way he goes
that fucking ghost