Friday, November 19, 2010

"lambs to the slaughter here"- patrick riedy

the whole reason to cross allen street is gone by letson williams

back then
back when there was still a reason to cross allen street.
back before berlin
back when she was red bone,
 from buffalo
when she was high yellow

when it was "if you're not a staylow, then you gotta go home.
 and that means you too jared leto"

back then
one night
one little night
i heard a man
one man
a book man
the man from the book store
he was stammering and stomping like he was coming straight outta compton
spitting and bloodletting

the first word came first
it came right on the first stomp
it exploded
he said participatory
yeah, he said participatory
and then he said it again
and again and again
until it rocked with an uneven, white boy rhythm that took it's cue from when the stomp came down
and that alone

he said it again and again
"participatory participatory participatory
"participatory" "participatory" "participatory"
"democracy" "democracy"  "democracy"

yeah, yeah, yeah

he said
"participatory" "participatory"
"democracy" "democracy"
"participatory" "participatory"
"democracy" "democracy"
then some of us started saying it
then more of us started saying it
then it was back and forth,

the man said

Thursday, November 18, 2010

transmission by michael koh

>>> ACCEPT? Y/N: _Y
>> Germs!
>> Seven years is
>> short,
>> a fraction of a
>> life -
>> barely a second in the life of
>> the past
>> extinction.
>> eventful
>> barely comprehensible sometimes
>> opportunity to witness but also to actually create a small part of it.
>> ideals;
>> praises ideals,
>> answer
>> chance
>> purest form of
>> ideal,
>> goals
>> .Great
>> experience
>> proclaiming goals
>> The goals
>> are fantastic: the creation of
>> blossoming
>> bloom
>> dawn. Unfortunately
>> people
>> today
>> like a very worn-out groove on an old LP.
>> a new,
>> hook
>> they promised
>> the goal
>> whose main element is
>> unnecessary future
>> supposed to be crowned by
>> the future
>> no one doubted
>> differences) between them
>> as it is the custom
>> to
>> shooting. And at that
>> the consequences
>> and this
>> incredible blossoming, a blooming
>> especially
>> of
>> God.

re: fragm by jeremy lessard

He of ashen keys warmed!
Is issues tongue, L? jkxwazmz
Or arguments, do on disappearance terror.,.

is heroism, appendage to segregate.
do chanced?
as on. He heavily my dreamy.

She ThinksHe~Is APuma~For Sex Hunger stgfjivi,.
He shagged But horny.

The precipice. Which an sainted.
That loophole. was he Pritchard, acquiesce!
And Adler happen.

Not so corners pursuers step .
Be contain 'sent, privacy,.
In widower he lies?

To as sherry broadest

federal but frightened;

but she can’t hide it anymore.
Again she jerked@ and again the girls saw

polite.. over omphalos..

. sweeps the floor ribbon..
that resistance vies
and calls_@

On them all things for distinction that. that. tha.t

forceful gratuity! been adulterous hfskjg,.
on fallen locks of hair

That man . was he?

the one who wakes me

foreplay (the katherine kurtz way) by k. kurtz

on my
catching your attention
like a girl in a café
pepperoni pizza─ blue diamonds
on the horizon where we
made a game in every
& i laughed harder than i can remember
i love that you bring out the giggles
in me & i never want to
not even when you take me too seriously─ you’re
hot under the collar & it gets me off
enough to look past the
task of listening to you rant─ press up against me; caress my
hips with hungry hands & be rough with me
please─ i’d rather your tongue be
between my legs than on
or those ridiculous sounds that you make while i marvel & i don’t know where
this is going but i can take a guess that we
will both be somewhat sore
& hungry when it

monday by vincent cervone

Intellect (?)
Ability to deceive

“Earth is a pigpen”
was a process now a certainty

quite cartoonish//sleeping slants
real murky, not the water
why talk why think why

take steps and become them

shadowsleep your thoughts


coiled and waiting for the trigger



crush finger against connection

it was made clear that the time would eventually come and change the composition. faded color became rooted. holes everywhere nothing there but holes. everywhere holes. spoke with air and lifted up across the face. spoke in tongues. tongue is less. without a tongue. not a tong. less tongue.

i am by john cuttito

I am nothing I am everything
Times gone inconsequential again
A tragic reaction to my inaction
Proportionally contrary to my reality
And my own duality
Coming to a head again
Lost in moons flow
Fading in the rivers glow
Perpetual cycle of my unquiet youth
I repeat the beat path I tread again
Deep suede night
And I against the current
As usual, somewhat drifting
Bouncing along the shore a stone
I am worn smooth dragged
By tides pull This day
Has sought new reasons
To insist upon the
Distances I keep
Darkness calls and still I sleep.
This is just a fraction of my dissatisfaction
A ritual catastrophe of perpetual
Motion pulling me in different directions
With symmetrical concentration
Salvation is the eviction of conviction in
Convention as is
Resistance to this existence of pretension
I feel so small sometimes
A depiction of some higher authors’ imagination
Playing my part while never knowing the lines
I am a cameo appearance relative to
The time span of the universe
I am nothing, and everything
What song then should my soul sing
Words of the river
Words of night
Give me back the sight I lost
When I flew too near the sun
Ate from the tree
Opened a box I should not have
And found myself stripped of connection with divinity
Once we were all gods
By some strange trick we were lulled to sleep
And now we dream the lives of mortals
Who dream the lives of gods as they slumber
I am

give back the name by letson williams

give back the name

it's not just a word
it's something you earn
something vital and tried
that still lives                             at times

indicates          authenticity

which is why             you decide
                                           to pin it to your
often trite
                                         ironic glasses and
hipsta might

you think it's yours        'cause it was given you
but night after night
                                                            i won't forgive you

and if you push it out there long enough 
                                                 if you pretend to be that kind of tough

the one night'll come
                          and it may not be me
but some other fool mad
                          from the improbability
             of what had been un-corruptable
                          now corrupted

time was     
it was only slightly marred      by slurs and by slippers
            eggars’ idea of strings                 that sound like                            strippers

“beautiful”        but empty sweet
                                                                      mean and drugged             underneath

thrown off at last on a houston night
where your old man
well                   he just might

 he gave it to you and found the will to live
 but cowboybootsoncoffeetables don’t make it his to give
you you you ride the wave like you had anything
                                                                                    to do with the moon that brings it in
that shit was permanent                                      
                                                until you burned it

             like what you have came from that man
                          throwing off words    catch-as-catch-can
        but you you you you       y’   scrape and you stand

at every turn like this was yours to take
with your little rock hammer and your heart so fake
and piece by piece       you chip away
                                                 at the thought and at the name

at the love/at the lie
at the electro-shock fallin outta the sky

at west memphis darlin's and Odetta's truth
at rex's bell                         at rex's blues

you can't cut yourself a columbine
you can't black haired dutch boy
you can't fool anyone   but                             


and you can't fool me


you can't fool me

people kill people by patrick reidy